What is a Mini Dental Implant?

They are narrow-diameter implants used as an alternative to bone augmentation procedures when the jawbone is narrow as a result of melting. Like implants, mini-implants are screws made of a biocompatible titanium alloy. The only difference compared to standard implants is its small size. Mini-implants are placed in the front of the chin with minimal interventions, usually not exceeding 15 minutes.

What is the Difference between Mini Implant from Other Dental Implants?

The diameter of mini dental implants is approximately 50% of conventional dental implants. Therefore, the placement procedure of these implants is minimal compared to conventional implants.

They can be placed without making incisions in the gingiva and thus with less pain after the intervention thanks to the narrow diameter of the implants, 

It can be preferred as a minimal surgical operation without the need for major surgery, especially in cases where bone resorption is high in advanced ages.

When Are Mini Implants Preferred?

In cases where the jaw bone diameter does not allow standard implant placement,

In cases where the cost of the bone graft operation required for standard implant placement is avoided,

In cases where surgical trauma of bone graft applications required for standard implant placement is avoided,

When it is desired to place an implant with minimal surgical method in elderly patients,

They can be preferred under total prostheses in patients with advanced bone resorption in order to increase the retention of the prosthesis.

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