Jawbone Powders (Bone Grafts)

In case of bone deficiency, the materials applied to the area where bone formation is desired are called bone grafts. These bone grafts can be taken from the person's own body (usually from the jawbone and hip bone), can be of animal origin (bovine origin grafts) or synthetically produced.

In Which Situations Are Jawbone Powders Applied?

It is a treatment method applied in cases where the jawbone loses its function. In order for the implant to be attached to the bone, the bone must be sufficiently strong. Otherwise, the implant will not work and become unhealthy. So in which cases is bone powder applied? The bone powder treatment determined as a result of the doctor's controls proceeds in the following order.

First of all, an X-ray of the jaw is taken to make the diagnosis. Then it is determined how many should be applied to which side.

The areas to be applied are anesthetized and the patient is prevented from feeling pain during the application of the patient's bone powder.

The jaw is opened so that the implant can be inserted in the lower or upper jaw to be treated. Then the bone powder is added according to the weakness of the bone.

After the bone powder is added, the implant is placed and sutured.

The patient waits for a certain time until the bone powder is taken and goes to the doctor's controls.

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