What is 3D Jaw and Tooth Tomography?

3d jaw and tooth tomography, the disorders that occur in the teeth and gums are determined during the examination. The problem cannot be detected because the internal structure of the teeth is not seen many times during the dentist's manual examination. That is why there are devices that should definitely be used in the clinic. 

The most important of these is 3d jaw and dental tomography. Thanks to these machines, the internal structure of the teeth can also be seen and discomfort detection can be made easily. Information about the tooth structure should be obtained by taking a tomography of each patient who comes to the dental examination. Dentists provide tomography of the teeth by directing the patient. Thus, a detailed examination is performed before dental treatments. 

These devices are highly preferred due to the advantages they have provided in the last few years. These devices provide imaging of the patient's lower and upper jaw. The images are transferred to the computer environment and checked by the dentist. The correct treatment program is determined and the patient is informed. Thus, it is ensured that the problems in the teeth and gums are detected in a short time. There are many benefits for patients and dentists. It is a necessary device for treatment planning in a short time. It is used in many hospitals, clinics and practice.

What are the Advantages of 3D Jaw and Dental Tomography?

This method is much more advantageous than dental tomography devices used in old classical methods. 

In cases where 2-dimensional films such as periapical, occlusal, panoramic are insufficient, 3-dimensional digital tomography provides great convenience in implant planning, intra-jaw cyst and tumor-like pathologies imaging.

In old dental tomography methods, the X-ray results are displayed to fit on two pages, and the tooth lengths and details are not very clear, but in 3d tomography, the image is obtained in 3d.  Thus, a detailed image is given. 

Before the dental examination, a detailed analysis of the teeth by the 3D method and the oral cavity, the back teeth are displayed in detail. If there is a different situation, it is easily detected with an X-ray device. Classical X-ray devices used in the old method do not give very detailed results.

Dental tomographs taken with this method also provide information about the gums and oral cavity. Especially useful information is received during the examination of wisdom teeth. It can be easily detected in the formation of an abscess on the tooth or in the formation of a cyst. It gives a lot of advantages in jaw fractures. It provides an opportunity for fracture detection and surgical method treatment. Thus, a treatment plan can be made in a short time.

Who is 3D Jaw and Dental Tomography Applied for?

With the rapid development of technology, these X-ray devices have also improved. It is used before many dental treatments.

For detailed analysis in cases where coating is required on the teeth

For wisdom tooth ailments

In patients with sinus problems 

For the detection of caries before root canal treatment

To determine how far the infection has spread on the teeth

To look at the general condition of the teeth before implant treatment, during bone graft procedures 

Before the treatment planning is made for the teeth to be prosthetic

For imaging of the jawbone in patients with jaw problems

In many cases, these X-ray devices are used. It should definitely be used in order for a detailed clinical examination of patients to be completed and a correct diagnosis to be made. Thus, the problem should be detected as soon as possible and treatment should be started. It is often used especially in implant treatments. 

These devices ensure that many dental treatments are performed correctly and planned thanks to their technological features. It is much more successful and high-quality compared to classical methods. 

As Dent Istanbul, we detect problems of our patients in a short time with the most advanced X-ray devices brought by technology and perform treatment. Our dentists, who are experts in their field, perform examinations in a short time and start treatment. 

Is 3D Jaw and Dental Tomography Harmful?

With the development of technology, X-ray devices have also improved. It is in a much more advantageous situation compared to the old classical methods. It has half less radiation compared to the devices used in the old method. These devices are used for a short time to determine the condition of the teeth before the examination. It ensures that the patient is treated in a short time with minimal radiation.

An X-ray is taken in about a few minutes. While X-rays are being taken, a material rotates above the head to take a detailed image of the tooth and jaw structure and is transferred to a computer environment. This is being completed in a short time.

Thanks to the many opportunities it offers, it finds a wide range of uses in endodontic treatment, orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, pedodontics and prosthetic and implant applications.

treatment planning can be performed thanks to 3d tomography devices. With this method, the patient's dental problems can be detected in a short time. Dentists determine the appropriate treatment program, can begin treatment. As Dentistanbul, we provide the highest quality service.

The machines used must be compatible with the technology. Machines developed with technology provide great comfort and advantages to patients. It offers practical solutions not only to patients but also to dentists. These X-ray devices are a very high-quality solution way for the detection of the disease and treatment planning. Thanks to these X-ray devices, many treatments are performed quickly.

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