What is Porcelain Lamina?

Teeth are often treated for aesthetic purposes. Porcelain Laminate is also one of these aesthetic methods. Like many dental treatments, porcelain lamina treatment is also performed in our clinic. This procedure makes the teeth look much more beautiful. For some reasons, there may be discoloration or fractures in the teeth. The causes of deformations that occur on the teeth are as follows;

·        Tooth fracture due to trauma

·        Color changes due to consumption of cigarettes, tea, coffee

·        Genetic factors

Most of these reasons cause the teeth to lose their aesthetic appearance. Due to these shortcomings, a feeling of embarrassment towards smiling may occur in public. Some self-confidence deficiencies stem from this.

Porcelain laminate is one of the most preferred dental coating methods because it has good light transmittance.  There are many more advantages compared to other tooth coating methods. But in order for this method to be applied, some situations must occur.

 It may not be possible to apply this method on some teeth. The tooth should not be deformed too much. This method is not preferred for teeth that are too deformed or have too many fractures. Mostly zirconium or classical porcelain coating methods can be preferred.

In Which Cases Is Porcelain Laminate Applied?

Porcelain lamina is one of the most applied methods. It can be done by anyone who is uncomfortable with their teeth. The most commonly applied dental ailments are as follows;

·        Discomfort from tooth colors

·        Excessive discoloration of tooth color, especially on the front teeth, due to certain foods consumed

·        There are gaps between the teeth Decisively

·        Fractures in the teeth and deformation of the tooth

·        Loss of tooth function as a result of discomfort in the gums

Many factors may require tooth coating. In the case of such cases, porcelain lamina can be made. Thanks to this method, it is aimed to bring the tooth color to its natural color. In addition, if there are gaps between the teeth, the appearance of the teeth may be disturbed Decently. Since the light transmittance is high, an appearance similar to natural teeth is obtained. In addition, this method is completed in a shorter time compared to other methods. Tooth cutting or reduction takes place in a short time compared to other methods. In this way, the treatment is completed in a short time.

What are the Advantages of Porcelain Lamina?

Porcelain laminate has many advantages over other tooth coating methods. As a result of the examination, the most healthy treatment method to be applied to the teeth is determined by the dentist. First of all, you should consult a dentist as an examination. There are some features that distinguish this method from other classic tooth coating methods.

·        In other dental coating methods, it is in the form of reducing the tooth and applying crown coating on it. In this method, the front surface of the tooth is thinned. There is no loss of teeth.

·        In some cases, it can be applied directly to the porcelain laminate without reducing the teeth.

·        Aesthetically, it is much more advantageous. Since a very thin layer of coating is made, it also gives high-quality results visually.

As Dent Istanbul, we provide detailed information about how the teeth will look and which methods will be applied before the treatment in order for you to get the highest quality results. Thus, both the treatment method to be applied and the detection of dental problems take place in a short time.You can get detailed information from our specialist dentists as an examination.

How is Porcelain Lamina Made?

Before the porcelain lamina is made, the patient should come to our clinic and be examined. As a result of the examination, it is determined whether the patient has a clinically different dental condition. If there is decay in the teeth or gum diseases, they should be treated first. After the treatment, tooth coating can be performed by determining the appropriate method.

During this process, you will not feel any pain or pain because the teeth and gums are numbed. If there is no dental or gum disease, porcelain lamina is made in a short time. The process completely varies depending on the patient's tooth structure. When porcelain lamina is made, the color closest to the tooth color is selected. For a natural image, natural tooth colors are used.

When making a porcelain laminate, a special gluing technique is used. That is why it does not cause any discomfort in the mouth. The process will be completed in a short time. If you do not have a very intense consumption of cigarettes, tea, coffee, the laminate will not turn yellow or deform. It has a durable structure.

What to Pay Attention to After Porcelain Lamina

After applying the porcelain lamina method, do not press too hard while eating for a short time. This is very important for the tooth to be permanent and not to be damaged.  You can continue your brushing and flossing habits. You can also extend the life of the laminate by keeping your teeth clean.  

The life of the laminate is usually determined as 15-20 years, but if you do a good care, you can extend this period even more. Lamina is more sensitive than other coating materials. If any fractures or problems occur, it is usually aimed to restore the tooth by treating it with a composite filling.

As Dentistanbul, we use machines and devices produced with the latest technology for dental and gum diseases. The use of these machines is required for the detection of dental disorders. In addition, we perform all your dental treatments with our expert dentist staff.

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