Metal Braces

Braces, which is one of the ideal treatments against crookedness or distortions in tooth structures, problems in alignment and problems that develop due to the skeleton, have been among the first choices for years. Braces, which are used especially in childhood or youth, are seen as a permanent and effective treatment on the teeth. When it comes to braces, metal braces come to mind first. Metal braces can be one step ahead of others thanks to the advantages they have. Therefore, metal braces treatment is very important in the context of orthodontics.

How Should Metal Braces Care Be?

Oral hygiene is extremely important as much more nutrients will accumulate in the mouth than normally. Consequently;

Cleaning is the first and most important step. If cleaning is not done, gingivitis occurs.

Normally, the time allotted for dental cleaning should be doubled.

Dental floss should be used.

An interdental brush should be used.

Mouthwash should be used.

Metal Braces Treatment Time

Metal braces give faster results than other braces. The usage time of metal braces, which are used between 8-24 on average, may be extended due to various orthodontic problems.

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