What is All On Four Implants?

All on four implants are a method that is often used in dental treatments. Many patients have implant treatment for their missing teeth. Since the implant has many advantages, it is an ideal method in terms of completing missing teeth. In this method, it is the process of placing four implants on the jaw in patients who do not have any teeth and making a prosthesis on them.

This process should be managed quite qualitatively. Care should be taken in the process of implanting four teeth. The patient's jaw structure, bone structure is very important. If enough mature bones are not found, they should be treated first. It is usually provided that the jaw structure is prepared for the implant by performing sinus lifting or graft insertion.

What Are the Stages of The All On Four Application?

There are certain stages for this method to be done.

·        First of all, by examining the dentist, the tooth structure and jaw structure should be examined.

·        By completing the radiological stages, it should be decided whether the tooth and bone structure are suitable for the implant.

·        After the necessary examination, four implants are started to be made. Here, the tooth is anesthetized before the implant is made and you will not experience any pain during this process.

·        After the implant is made, the prosthesis stage is started. Prosthetic teeth are made some time after the implant. This period may vary depending on the recovery period.

All on four implant dental application is an ideal method for many patients. It allows all teeth to be made in a short time. An implant is a good option for patients with tooth loss. In this method, the whole tooth image is provided by making a prosthesis with a certain number of teeth without the need to implant all the teeth. In addition, because the implant is made of high-quality materials, you can carry prosthetic teeth and use them for many years.

Who Can Apply The All On Four Implant Technique?

This method can be done by anyone who wants to have a prosthetic tooth with implant treatment. The important thing here is the jaw and bone structure. If the jaw and bone size are sufficiently available, a prosthetic tooth can be made to a person using this method. It is decided whether this method can be performed by the dentist's examination and radiological findings.

It is preferred by patients who do not have teeth. In order for the prosthesis to fit the jaw, the implants must be made well. That is why the implant quality should be good, and also the jaw structure is important. If the jaw bones are not enough, bone powder supplementation may be recommended by the dentist. With this reinforcement, bone compatible with the tooth will be made.

What Should be Considered After All On Four Implant Treatment?

There are some things that need to be considered after all on four implant treatment.

·        Hot food or drinks should not be consumed immediately after treatment.

·        You can resume your brushing and flossing habits soon.

·        You should stay away from smoking and alcohol.

·        Hard foods should not be consumed until prosthetic teeth are installed. There should be no pressure on the implant.

·        You should pay attention to your oral hygiene before installing prosthetic teeth. You should pay attention to hygiene so that no problems occur.

Treatment process attention should be paid to eating and drinking habits before prosthetics. Since prostheses have not been installed yet, you should be fed with soft foods so that the jaw does not hurt during this process and the implants are not damaged. During tooth brushing, you should perform a soft brushing. Thus, since recovery will be achieved in a short time, prosthetic teeth will be installed at the end of an average 3-month period.

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