It is the field of dentistry that carries out studies to detect and treat skewness and incompatibility in the tooth structure.

In Which Situations Is Orthodontic Treatment Necessary?

It is a treatment method applied for patients with certain conditions;

Irregular and crooked teeth

In cases where the lower or upper jaw is further back or vice versa

In late or early tooth loss

Mouth breathing

In teeth clenching problems

In cases where the teeth do not come into contact with each other during closing

In these cases, orthodontic treatment becomes necessary.

How is Orthodontic Application Performed?

Orthodontic application is applied to patients with disorders in the teeth or jawbone by using the necessary apparatus. It is aimed to correct the structures of the damaged tooth or jawbone during the treatment.

Orthodontic Treatment Methods

Orthodontic treatment consists of a long phase. This process continues until the damaged teeth are corrected. When it comes to orthodontic treatment, everyone thinks of braces treatment. However, although the most effective method in this treatment is braces, there are also different treatment methods. Four different methods in orthodontic treatment are as follows;

• Metal braces

• Transparent braces

• Invisalign

Although braces are used in all three of these methods, the clear aligner provides wire-free orthodontic treatment.

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