What is Smile Design?

Smile design is a general name given to many treatments performed for the patient's dental aesthetics. Nowadays, many people are not satisfied with their teeth. There could be many reasons for this;

·        Diseases of the gums

·        Fracture of the teeth as a result of trauma or structural disorder

·        Tooth color changes color over time depending on habits such as smoking or tea, coffee

As a result of many dental problems, it can cause the teeth to look more neglected in appearance. There are many treatments that we apply to teeth in such cases. Dentists determine whether there is decay in the teeth before designe dental smile  and what kind of ailments there are. After that, the necessary treatments are applied to give the tooth an aesthetic value.

With many famous people having smile designs now, these treatments have gained more importance. Especially the smile Hollywood, which is commissioned frequently, is a very popular design. Best Hollywood smiles design can be made by anyone who is uncomfortable with their teeth and wants to gain a more aesthetic smile. It is one of the most used treatments by dentists. We carefully apply the necessary treatments to make the teeth look better and to gain a healthier smile.

First of all, the image that the patient wants is very important. Together with our dentists, the appropriate treatment method for the patient is determined. A smile design should be preferred to be compatible with the patient's facial structure and other teeth. A very white tooth color or a tooth coating method that is not compatible with the face and mouth structure should not be preferred. For this reason, the most appropriate treatment method is determined and designed with the wishes of the patient and the recommendation of the dentist.

There are many dental coating methods applied while smile design is being made.We choose the most suitable method for your face before the treatment with digital smile design. This way, you have information about how your teeth will look digitally before they are made.


How to Make a Smile Design?

Before the smile design is made, an X-ray should definitely be taken for the tooth. After that, it is checked whether there are any problems in the tooth structure or whether there are conditions such as caries in the tooth before smile design.

The appropriate treatment should be performed and the procedures should be started. In case of inflammation in the teeth, the teeth should be prepared before treatment using antibiotics prescribed by the dentist. For possible problems like this, the dentist will first determine the appropriate treatment for your oral health. There are many methods used in smile design;


Zirconium Dental Veneer

It is one of the most applied methods when designing a smile. Zirconium looks much more aesthetic due to its structure. It can also be used for many years. It is a method that we often prefer because it has a structure very close to natural teeth. Zirconium dental veneers are applied successfully thanks to our professional dentists and Hollywood smile medical center. The most suitable tooth color is selected for the patients.

Zirconium is one of the most used methods when designing a smile. Having an aesthetic appearance and having a natural structure allows you to have a natural smile. Due to its transparency, it is very similar to real teeth, as its light transmittance is higher.


Porcelain Lamina

Porcelain laminate looks more aesthetic than other methods. It is a method that is applied to the tooth by being prepared in a subtle way. However, in order for this treatment to be applied, the tooth structure must be compatible with it.

 We can say that zirconium coating is more durable than porcelain laminate applications. We also apply porcelain laminate in cases where the tooth structure is suitable. Thus, we prefer the most suitable and aesthetically best method for the patient's tooth structure.


Lamina Dental Veneer

In some cases, patients prefer the laminated tooth coating method for a healthier and cleaner tooth appearance, even if there are no problems with the tooth structure.  It is not a long process like zirconium or porcelain coating. The teeth prepared in a thin layer in a short time are glued to the upper part of the front teeth to provide an aesthetic appearance.

Unlike zirconium or porcelain veneers, in this method, the tooth is prepared separately and is not applied in a way that it is passed over the teeth. It is applied on the teeth by making a thin layer on the outside.


In Which Cases Should Smile Design Be Done?

Smiles Hollywood design is made for everyone who is uncomfortable with the appearance of their teeth or wants to gain a more aesthetic appearance. Everyone's tooth structure and color are different. That is why the treatment methods we apply to everyone are also different. In patients who have smile design, it is usually;

·        Teeth that have been deformed over time

·        Teeth that have been broken or impacted as a result of an accident or trauma

·        From teeth that have changed color due to the use of antibiotics

·        Discomfort from split teeth

·        There are disturbances heard from the front teeth during the smile.

Such problems cause serious problems for patients over time. For this reason, Hollywood smile design can also be made both to protect dental health and to gain a more aesthetic smile.

The Hollywood smile design is a method that many famous people have done. Because patients are uncomfortable with their teeth over time, self-confidence problems may also occur. Problems such as being embarrassed when laughing, not being able to smile because they are afraid of their teeth appearing, cause psychological problems. With the perfect hollywood smile design, the occurrence of psychological problems like this is also prevented. Thus, a healthier and better smile will also give self-confidence.


The Hollywood Smile Design Process

·        First of all, you should come to our clinic and be examined by our specialist dentists.

·        Our dentists examine your teeth and determine the treatment methods to be performed by taking your opinions. In this way, you will ensure a healthier result by explaining the desired image to dentists. If there are caries or different problems in the teeth, these treatments are performed first.

·        The treatment and coating method to be applied are determined and the treatment is started. Before starting treatment, you must follow the dentist's instructions.

·        During the treatment process, you will not feel any pain or pain during the procedures performed on your tooth. During the treatment, the teeth are anesthetized.

·        During the treatment process, the method that is suitable for you is selected from many methods such as zirconium, metal-backed porcelain, porcelain lamina.

·        If a coating is to be applied to the tooth, it is checked whether there is a missing or faulty condition by bringing the rehearsed teeth before. Afterwards, if it is suitable for the tooth and there are no problems with the measurements, the actual teeth are made and applied to the patient. Usually, the treatments are short-lived.

·        You should also take care of dental cleaning after the treatment is over. You should not consume cigarettes, alcohol. Our smile designer dental tell you what you need to do after treatment. In this way, you can consult us at any time before and after the treatment.

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