What is Aesthetic Filling?

Aesthetic filling is a method that makes the teeth look much better as an image. This method applied by dentists also contributes to oral health. Teeth can deform over time. Some situations that require aesthetic filling are as follows;

·        Yellowing of the teeth or general color changes

·        Anterior tooth decay caused by genetic factors

·        Fractures of the teeth

·        Formation of dental cavities

Due to such factors, aesthetic filling of the teeth may be necessary. It is a method applied to return the teeth to their natural color and make them look healthier. For a natural image, the tooth color should be adjusted very well. The tooth color should not be too white. By choosing a color close to the natural color, it is ensured that the smile is more natural and of high quality.

Sometimes the tooth structure may deteriorate due to trauma. In such cases, composite filling should be performed by cleaning the bruise. In some cases, aesthetic fillings are made to the teeth completely aesthetically. In such cases, composite filling material is obtained by using the highest quality materials.

To Whom is Aesthetic Filling Applied?

Aesthetic filling can be applied for many purposes. Dentist examination is very important. At this stage, first of all, our dentists perform an examination of your teeth and the clinical examination phase is completed. Especially in the X-ray devices manufactured with 3D technology, the necessary examinations are performed and the dentist is provided with detailed information. First of all, dental and gum problems should be treated. Dental problems are treated in order for the composite filling to be healthy. Then the necessary treatment is started.

·        Composite filling is applied after the treatment of gum diseases and dental caries.

·        Due to tooth color changes, composite filling consisting of a color material close to the natural tooth color is used in the application

In such cases, filling is often performed. The filling is applied in the form of filling the area where the caries is cleaned after cleaning the caries.

How is Aesthetic Filling Done?

Our dentist performs the necessary examinations before the aesthetic filling is performed. After that, the tooth is numbed and you are prevented from feeling any pain or pain during the treatment process. Aesthetic filling is not a painful procedure.

After the surface of the tooth enamel is smoothed, the bonding process is performed to ensure that the filling material adheres to the tooth surface. Composite filling materials of appropriate color are prepared and placed in the opened tooth cavity.

To achieve the desired hardness of the filler, it needs to be irradiated every time. If the height of the filler is too large or protruding, it is corrected. Then it becomes smooth. The procedure ends with polishing of the teeth. The process of making aesthetic filling is quite easy. Would not be any problem.

Advantages of Aesthetic Filling

There are many advantages of aesthetic filling. The composite filling applied after the necessary examination of the patients makes the teeth look much more natural.

·        It makes the teeth look cleaner and healthier.

·        Cleaning of teeth from caries is provided.

·        A much better smile is gained aesthetically.

·        It is durable for a long time. One of the most frequently asked questions is the duration of the composite filling. Since the material is of high quality, composite fillings are durable for a long time. it is not uncomfortable for the patient and the cosmetic filling process is completed in a very comfortable process.

Composite filling is made using quality materials. In order for the filling not to cause problems in the mouth, the size of the filling with the teeth should be placed appropriately while filling. As Dentistanbul, we are with you both in the material quality and in the treatment planning process. We provide service with our expert dentist staff.


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