What is Endodontics?

Endodontics is the branch of science in which root canal treatment is performed. Root canal treatment is a method applied to save teeth and prevent their extraction. It is quite advantageous to perform this treatment instead of tooth extraction.

In some cases, filling can be performed by cleaning the caries in rotten teeth, but if the caries in the teeth are at an advanced level and cannot be saved by filling, root canal treatment can be performed. It is not a suitable treatment method for every rotten tooth.

Cavities formed in the tooth can cause different problems over time. Inflammation, pain and pain can be felt, especially in the tooth. In this case, you should undergo an examination to the dentist. During root canal treatment, the soft tissue located in the cavity called the root canal inside the hard tissue of the tooth, that is, the pulp, and the dental nerve are removed, the inside of the tooth is cleaned, and then the opened cavity is filled.

How is the Pulp Inflamed?

Teeth consist of many layers. Ailments that usually occur in the root and its outer part require treatment. There are bacteria in the oral cavity and in many parts of the body. Bacteria accumulate in the mouth, forming acid. If there is no regular habit of brushing or cleaning your teeth, over time, these acids will damage the teeth, causing decay and inflammation. Teeth warn you by feeling pain or pain through microorganisms. This is how you get a toothache.

There are many conditions that lead to inflammation in the teeth.

·        Bruise that develops due to impact or trauma

·        Caries caused by not paying attention to oral hygiene

·        Gum diseases.

Early diagnosis should definitely be made in order for the inflammation not to progress. by being examined by a dentist every 6 months, you will ensure that there are no discomfort and dental problems. Certain symptoms appear on the inflamed tooth. So you can understand that there is a problem with the tooth. Root related inflammation is detected in many of the dental and gum problems. In order for the inflammation not to cause different problems, the dentist should be examined immediately.

In Which Cases Should Root Canal Treatment Be Applied?

There are many conditions that require root canal treatment.

·        Pain in the teeth, especially sudden pains that occur during chewing

·        Redness of the gums, tenderness

·        Whining in the teeth

·        Sensitivity to hot or cold

·        The appearance of swelling on the face

In these cases, root canal treatment should be applied. The dentist determines the appropriate treatment method by examining. First of all, the dentist conducts a clinical examination. After that, a radiological examination is performed to obtain information about the structure of the tooth.

After checking the teeth with a radiological scan, the size of the caries can be determined. In some cases, the caries in the tooth can be cleaned and filled, but if the caries is at an advanced level, root canal treatment should definitely be performed. With this treatment, the nerves are removed from their places by descending to the root area of the tooth. Thus, the tooth is prevented from hurting or hurting. The success rate of canal treatment is quite high. The tooth can be saved in this way.

How to Make is Root Treatment?

There are many stages when root canal treatment is performed. First of all, you apply to the dentist with certain problems in the tooth.

Cleaning the caries formed in the tooth is the first stage. At this stage, the cavities formed in the tooth are cleaned with certain materials and the caries is removed.

By removing the living nerves located in the tooth root, the tooth is prevented from hurting. Here, the treatment is completed in about 1-2 sessions. In some cases, one session is enough. After cleaning the tooth root, the canal is shaped. The main thing is that the pulp is removed in a healthy way.

The tooth channels are shaped and filled inside. Thus, the tooth root filling process is also completed. In some cases, it may take several days for the tooth canal to heal. In such cases, the dental canals can be closed with a temporary filling and waited for a few days. After this process, the root canal treatment is completed.

The sessions last about 45 minutes. This process should be managed quite qualitatively. In some cases, the process may be shortened or prolonged depending on the structure of the tooth and the root condition.

During the root canal treatment process, you will not feel any pain because the tooth is anesthetized. Very little pain may occur after treatment, but it is a temporary condition. With the recommendation of the dentist, you can use painkillers.

Things to Consider After Root Canal Treatment

You will not have pain or pain during the root canal treatment process, but you should take care of some situations.

·        You should not eat immediately after treatment. You should not consume hot or cold drinks.

·        You should stay away from smoking and alcohol.

·        Oral hygiene is very important in this process. You can gargle.

·        Do not consume too hard foods.

You must follow the dentist's instructions. That way, you can recover in a shorter time. Root canal treatment is one of the most widely applied methods among dental treatments. Decontamination is one of the most common methods.

 It is preferred by many people nowadays. There is no pain or pain in the tooth after the treatment. During the healing process, it should not be pressed on with too hard foods. Care should be taken for a short time, as the tooth roots will be sensitive.

Sensitivity does not occur in the teeth for several weeks after root canal treatment. You can return to your daily life. If any pain or pain occurs during this process, you can consult your dentist.

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