Invisalign has been used in modern orthodontic treatments. We can call it an invisible alternative to braces. Clear aligners, which are custom-created through a three-dimensional modeling program on the computer, are more effective than traditional braces. Since there is no brace in the mouth in Invisalign treatment, undesirable effects such as stinging and wounds are not observed. Each specially created transparent plaque is corrected by 0.5 mm and applied to the teeth.

When these transparent plaques are placed on the tooth, the targeted improvement is achieved after the tooth adapts to the plaque. Transparent aligners used in invisalign treatment should stay on your teeth for 18 hours a day. In special cases, removing the plaques for 1-2 hours does not pose a problem in terms of the treatment process. Invisalign treatment results in a shorter time compared to traditional braces treatment, in addition to it offers comfort to the patients. The Invisalign treatment method can be easily applied to individuals aged 12 and over.

To Whom Can Invisalign Be Applied?

For people with all kinds of dental disorders and crookedness

People whose mouth, teeth and jaw structure are suitable for treatment

Those who do not have a large gap between their teeth

Those who do not have impacted teeth in the lower and upper jaw bones

For people who do not have a jaw position

People who have aesthetic concerns due to their job and social environment.

Advantages of Transparent Dental Plaque

The general features can be mentioned about transparent dental plaques and their use can be listed as follows:

Transparent dental plaques should be worn for 20 hours a day.

Another important feature of the mentioned plaques shows itself in cleaning. Transparent plaques do not need an extra cleaning and can be cleaned twice a day with water and a toothbrush.

Even the presence of plaques do not have a negative effect on speech. It may take some getting used to at first, but after getting used to it, its presence does not cause any discomfort.

There is no problem with eating and drinking. Recommendations are to remove plaque while drinking hot beverages.

Transparent plates should be renewed at each control. It is essential to make a control every month and to change the plaque every 15 days.

Plaques also have the advantage of painless use. Pain may be felt during the integration, but it does not cause any problems afterward.

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