What is Bad Breath (Halitosis)?

Halitosis is the odor that is derived from the Latin words halitus and osis and that occurs in the mouth, which disturbs both the person and the people around him.

What is the Source of Bad Breath?

Halitosis is generally divided into two as pathological and physiological.


Physiological Bad Breath

The causes of this type of bad breath are the digestion process of some foods in the stomach or a well-cleaned oral cavity, uneven dental restorations, decayed teeth, gum problems, cigarette consumption. Since it is not systematic, it is temporary and can be controlled with tooth brushing and solutions. In order to prevent the condition, brushing the back of the tongue and using mouthwash with zinc content, but chewing gum is a good solution.

Pathological Halitosis

People with this type of bad breath are not aware of the bad smell or tolerate it and endure it. Although 80-90% of bad breath is caused by intraoral reasons, it can also be caused by many extraoral reasons. To give an example of the causes of bad breath originating from the mouth, rotten and inflamed teeth, gum diseases, tongue layer, food residues, oral wounds, dirty dentures, decrease in the amount of saliva are some of them. Disturbances in the functions of the salivary glands can cause bad breath, as well as antidepressant, antipsychotic and narcotic drugs can cause salivation deficiency. 

What is The Measurement of Halitosis?

It is performed with a halitosis measuring device called a halitometer. It helps in planning bad breath and determining whether success is achieved after treatment. In our hospital, the presence and severity of bad breath is determined by making personal measurements with a halitosis measuring device.

Factors to be considered before measuring halitosis;


• Eating at least 8 hours before

• Drinking water at least 3 hours before

• Avoiding odorous foods and drinks at least 2 days in advance

• Not using spray or mouthwash products

• Not using scents such as cologne, perfume at least 1 day before

• If he is using antibiotics, he should stop 3 days in advance.

First, a panoramic film is taken for our patients who will be measured in our hospital, anamnesis is taken, and halitosis is measured. Along with the results, the source of bad breath is investigated with a detailed examination. All necessary treatments are started on the same day in order to eliminate the patient's oral and dental health problems. 15 days after the end of the treatment, the patient is given a control appointment and bad breath control is measured. The patient is directed to the relevant branch in order to eliminate the odors whose source is outside the mouth.

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