What is Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is the process of removing the tooth by pulling it out of the bony area. Although it is feared by many people, tooth extraction is quite simple. Pain does not occur because the tooth is anesthetized before tooth extraction is performed. Dentists usually do not want the tooth to be extracted. Therefore, if other treatment methods that can be applied are insufficient or the tooth is too deformed to be saved, it may be necessary to perform an extraction. In such cases, tooth extraction should be performed.

In What Cases Is Tooth Extraction Performed?

There are many methods such as crown coating and root canal treatment before tooth extraction. If the tooth is too damaged to be saved, an extraction is performed. The cases in which the shooting was carried out are as follows;

·        If the tooth is severely deformed

·        If the teeth, gums and surrounding areas have lost tissue to an advanced degree

·        If there is a space requirement for some dental veneers

In such cases, tooth extraction is required. If there is a lot of substance loss in the tooth, the probability of successful canal treatment is low. So the shooting will be healthier.

What is an Embedded Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth come out over time and take up space in the mouth. In some cases, due to the cramped jaw structure, wisdom teeth cannot find a place to come out and remain embedded. In such cases, the tooth may become inflamed inside. In order for this not to happen, the embedded teeth are removed by the dentist.

Things to Consider After Tooth Extraction

During tooth extraction, you will not feel pain because the tooth is anesthetized. After tooth extraction, there is a blood clotting process in the bony socket where the tooth is removed. For the blood to clot here and for that area to heal, the clot must not move. That is why you should not spit for 24 hours after tooth extraction. This is not recommended because it causes the clot to be excreted. In addition, you should refrain from smoking and alcohol after tooth extraction. You should not consume too hard or hot-cold foods and drinks.

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